Gerresheimer boosts pharma PET bottle output with new Spanish expansion

Global pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging manufacturer Gerresheimer AG. has expanded and upgraded PET pharmaceutical bottle production at its plant in Zaragoza, Spain.

The project, completed at the turn of the year, includes the addition of a new 600m2 ISO class 8 clean room equipped, initially with nine high performance injection and injection stretch moulding machines.

There is space in the clean room for a further six machines, allowing Gerresheimer to expand the facility at a later stage to its 15 moulding machine capacity, according to the Düsseldorf, Germany-based group.

New technology will enable the production of higher quality PET pharma bottles, while the design of tops has been modified to allow bottles to be fitted with different types of closure, from simple caps to tamper evident or child-safe closures.

The new unit will turn out a range of bottles including those suitable for medicines and nutritional food supplements. At Zaragoza, the product portfolio has been adapted to reflect customer requirements as the plant evolves into a system supplier of high quality PET pharmaceutical bottles, said Gerresheimer.

“All the staff at the plant have been working very hard to facilitate the optimisation of Gerresheimer Zaragoza into a competence centre for amongst other pharmaceutical bottle and closure production,” commented Niels Düring, the group’s global executive vice president for plastic packaging.

Gerresheimer acquired the Zaragoza facility early in 2008 when it bought the Iberia PET pharma containers producer EDP of épila, Spain. This firm, with turnover of €32m, had other plants in Valencia, Spain and Buenos Aires.

Gerresheimer is a specialist in the manufacture of glass and plastic products for healthcare markets with more than 40 production plants in Europe, North and South America and Asia. It has an 11,000-strong workforce and generates group revenue in excess of €1.4 billion.

Apart from PET bottles, the company produces drug delivery systems like insulin pens, inhalers, pre-fillable syringes, other vials, ampoules and bottles for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. It also serves moulds cosmetics industry packaging.